Brooke Reves

It all started with a deep breath and a clear awareness that guided breathing could improve my day-to-day experience with my students. Guided breathing started as a tool to help my students emotionally self-regulate and to assist them with transitions at school and at home.

Breathing together has helped to create a school-wide culture of emotional awareness, self-regulation and positive social interaction for our students and teachers alike. Breathing has fostered a shift throughout our school community in the ways students and teachers relate to each other and respond when they feel intense emotions. This has positively impacted interpersonal communication and heightened the social and emotional wellness of all the members of our school community.

Most of these breaths were created and are regularly practiced by our students. We want to share our experience and breathing practice with you through this simple, visual and practical guide. We invite you to breathe with us!

– Brooke Reves, P.E. Teacher, author of Breathe With Me